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Since early childhood man discovered how delicious the sweet taste is.
In the old Egyptian civilization, sweets and candies were produced of honey, and history tells us that candy and sweet makers were highly regarded in the community. They have been innovative introducing new tastes by blending honey, sugar with spices, cocoa and fruits.
Later on through the different ages confectionery developed to be in our days one of the most creative and sophisticated industries, that gives delight to children as well as adults.
International Aromatics has developed several ranges of flavors, such as heat resistant flavors that particularly suit the needs of hard boiled candies manufacturers as well as long lasting flavors that gives chewing gum manufacturers competitive quality products.
Whether you are a manufacturer of hard boiled candies, soft chewing candies, toffee, chocolate and/or chewing gum, you will find at International Aromatics the
flavor that makes the difference.

Below some of our popular flavors

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