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Our Fragrances

Fragrances parallel the human senses , our team of specialists use their senses as true artists, as the painter composes colour on canvas , the perfumer creates his fragrances for many new and different applications .

We divide our fragrances business into three areas : fine fragrances , including perfumes ,colognes and personal products ; fragrances for soaps , detergents and household products; and specialy fragrances used captively.
Products Lines
  • Fragrance compoundsss
  • Fragrances bases
  • Essential Oils
International Aromatics Fragrances Offers You an extensive range of different perfumes for use in
Air Fresheners
Bath products (foam,oils,pearls,salts)
Sanitary products
(paraffin,stearin,wax, gelwax)
Skin care products
Cleansers (all purpose)
Soap ( liquid,glycerine)
Suntan agents
Disinfecants Hair Care Products
( cream ,liquid , powder)
Incense - sticks
Eaux de Toilette Lamp oil
  Paper and non -woven products
Special fragrance compounds are also developed using all of the latest ingredients and product technology . All fragrance are manufactured according to the present IFRA-regulations. We monitor fragrance tsrends and developments and work with customers in evaluating fragrance characteristics , product delivery system and fragrance performance in use.
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